Fire Hydrant Flushing Information

October 31, 2023 5:27 pm

As a MUD, the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality requires, by state law, that the water system must be flushed every month to ensure proper water quality. The water system is flushed by opening fire hydrants to flush out old water and bring new, fresh water into the water system. Predetermined locations in the district must be flushed at least once a month.

Additional fire hydrant flushing is also performed throughout the system as needed, per the discretion of the operator. Fire hydrants are monitored during the flushing process to flush the least amount of water required while also ensuring the highest water quality standards.

Harris County MUD 537 has a uniquely designed storm water and irrigation system that allows the water being flushed from the hydrants to enter the storm sewer, canals and pond. The community irrigation system then uses the water from the pond to irrigate all community area landscaping.

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